Version (June 29, 2015)

Download Blue Iris Update 32-bit [~14 MB]

Download Blue Iris Update 64-bit [~14 MB]

Most recent features:

  • Remote access connection wizard
  • Pseudo-DNS service via blueiris.pro
  • Enhanced timing and audio/video synchronization options
  • Bulk clip conversion/export
  • UPnP router port forwarding configuration

Version 4 overview:

  • After 3 years of continuous 3.x development and hundreds of updates, the time has come once again to make several significant advancements, some of which can only be accomplished with a new installation. A big "Thank you" to everyone who continues to support this work--many ideas for improvement come directly from you. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, please enjoy!
  • This is considered a major upgrade and a full installation is required. The installer will create a new Program Files folder, new desktop icon, etc. Once you are comfortable with the transition you may uninstall your older version, but be sure to say NO to the prompt about deleting your settings, as these are shard between versions!
  • The user interface has been graphically redesigned. It is now decidedly more subdued and consistent in an effort to highlight important status icons, messages and your own video content. The latest version of the Microsoft compiler (2013) and runtimes (12.0) are now used to ensure the highest possible performance and reliability. In fact, this has already identified several potential vulnerabilities and these have been corrected.
  • A 64-bit version is now available. This version is capable of using all available RAM in your PC whereas the 32-bit version is limited to only a couple of GB before it becomes unstable due to out of memory conditions. The 32 and 64 bit versions will share a single registry location on a 64-bit PC so that they may be used interchangeably if necessary. The automatic and check for update will download a platform specific executable. If you update manually you must remember to select the appropriate platform. The full installer will be built with both versions and offer a selection.
  • The Viewer window for playback has been revised. The speed slider is gone, replaced with a more DVR-like multiple-click of the Play button. Full reverse playback capability is added for BVR file content.
  • A new Timeline view at the bottom of the window as has been added. This view graphically represents your clip and alerts lists. With 12 levels of zoom it allows you to get down to the minute or to see many days at once. Clicking in this view cues the clips list. Double-clicking in the timeline view opens all-new functionality: timeline playback. In this mode, the cameras window becomes a playback window and BVR files are opened for each camera as available at the playback position. All open clips will playback in synchronization. You can click an individual camera window to select it for the audio playback. Double click a camera window to open the displayed clip in the standard clip playback window for direct position slider access, exporting etc.
  • The position slider in the standard viewer now uses a standard time metric for BVR files. Previously, the slider position represented the file offset position, which caused the slider to appear jumpy as frame sizes varied.
  • The default No Signal camera window will now also contain the last known good image from the camera, allowing you to quickly determine when the outage occurred and what might have been occurring.
  • PTZ presets on the main UI window now offer two selection methods, both buttons and a list box. The first 5 presets have dedicated buttons or you may select a preset and then use the Go/Set button to the right of the list box.
  • A new license key mechanism should hopefully be even less susceptible to inadvertent deactivations.
  • A roadmap has been set for the next several years of version 4.x development. Based on your feedback, time will be invested into items such as motion tracking, further enhancement of motion detection along with the use of various smart filters, bulk and/or automatic export of movie content to transportable formats, revisions to the browser clients including a PC client version, investment into full-time support staff, as well as additional documentation in the form of tutorials and a full-form "manual." Of course Blue Iris will always strive to stay ahead of the crowd with support for the latest camera technologies and Smartphone client app updates.

Recent updates:

Legacy versions: