Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

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[*]How many computers can I install Blue Iris on?
The licenses are per-PC. Additional licenses are half-price after your first purchase.

[*]Does the mobile app for iOS/Android come bundled with the software?
No, it does not. The client application for iOS/Android is a separate purchase of $9.99.
You can also install the application on up to 5 devices within the same purchasing account and mobile OS.

[*]There’s an expired date showing on my software! What does this mean?

This means that your support plan is expired. If you would like to be included in any major upgrades if they were to come about, as well as continue receiving support, you would need to be on a current support plan. Please see, or use the ‘Upgrade/Renew’ button on the ‘Options/About’ page to renew.

[*]Pulling video from one Blue Iris instance to another?

Setup a Raw/H.264 camera type and use the remote PC's IP address, user, password.

The video path would be


/h264/index is the "all cameras" view

[*]Can other users on my PC access Blue Iris, but not have full access to all settings?

Yes, this is totally possible!
See the Options/Startup page first, then you would have to both “Run as a service,” as well as uncheck the box that says to require Admin access.

Now, you can run BlueIris.exe as a non-admin user on the system. The user will be prompted for a Blue Iris login, which you can maintain on Options/Users. You can also assign various settings to each user, including camera group access.

[*]What do you need to assist with my motion detection settings?

Send an export of your support settings to, along with an explanation of where exactly you’re having trouble, then send an export of the particular camera’s settings from it’s Camera Properties page.
Also send support a BVR clip. The BVR should begin WITHOUT motion for at least a few seconds. Which likely would probably require that you "simulate" or stage the motion event. We can then run this through the detector to analyze and fine-tune settings for you until it triggers properly for the type of event you are trying to capture.
Can I connect cameras outside of my local network to Blue Iris?
Certainly! You can pull video from any camera/device on the Internet.
You would just have to put your device on the Internet at the remote location, and as long as you can access it via browser from one location, Blue Iris can pull from video from this. You would just use the remote address and port for the device's address instead of a local address.

[*]I have a Nestcam, how do I incorporate this camera into my Blue Iris system?

For adding Nestcams, Blue Iris uses the Public page link for your camera, to pull the feed into the program.
You would open the Public Page link, and right-click outside the video view, and select "view source" on the page.

Then you would find and copy the HTTPS/JPEG URL, and when you add/edit a camera in Blue Iris, paste this into the camera address box and hit TAB on your keyboard... the fields should correctly populate, then click OK a couple of times.

If you do end up needing further help with adding your Nestcam, please email Blue Iris support at, and send them your Public Page link for your Nestcam, and they can help find the URL for you.

[*]Does Blue Iris support ALL cameras?

Certainly all cameras are not created equal, so for the best chance at a camera being compatible with Blue Iris, please looks for RTSP/ONVIF support within your camera’s spec sheet.
We also have a list of tested and supported cameras at

[*]Does Blue Iris have the functionality to automatically bring a camera to full screen when triggered?

Yes you will find the option to automatically select a camera detecting motion, and then automatically make the selected camera occupy the full window. You will find these features on the Options/Cameras page as well as icons near the "group select box" on the main screen UI.
When I review the recordings, I see blue blocks highlighting the motion! How do I turn this off?
If this appears in playback, but not with live video, you have the "test motion" option turned on. You can right-click in the clip playback windows and de-select this.
Also check that you do not have the ‘Highlight motion’ option enabled on the Motion/Trigger page as well.

[*]I have a joystick, how can I customize the joystick buttons to be able to switch between cameras, view full screen, etc. within Blue Iris?

Please see the Options/Keyboard accelerators page. Here you can associate joystick buttons with keyboard commands, the format for the keyboard command should be outlined in the associated Help topic.
I just renewed my support plan, why is it still showing as ‘Expired’ within my program??
Please insure that your BlueIris.exe is not restricted by any antivirus or firewall from reaching the internet. Once that is verified, please restart the software, and it should be able to retrieve the proper expiration date from the blue iris server.

[*]How do I get geofence to work with my Blue Iris client application?

You will see in the app on the settings page an option to set the geofence. When you do this, have the phone in your home, and select "current location". The "Server location" option only works if you SET the server location on the Options/Schedule page in the PC software.

Now you can go into Options/Mobile on the PC software and select what you want to occur when the phone enters and exits the fence. Commonly this is used to control the traffic signal icon or to force a profile #.

[*]Can I configure remote access without a static IP?
You don't need a static IP.

If your IP changes often, you can use a service like DynDNS or NO-IP. Or you can just use the Blue Iris app's "Get IPs" button to pull over the current IP.

[*]My CPU is out of control! What can I do to reduce this?!
High CPU can either be caused by:

-HDD problems, failing
-Failure to make antivirus and security software exemptions for BlueIris.exe
-Bugs with device drivers, potentially the Intel HW decoding

One setting that helps greatly is "decode only when required" on the Video/Network page. Only key frames are decoded unless the full 30fps are required for viewing etc.

Another setting that can assist with reducing CPU usage is the “direct-to-disc” feature on the Record tab of Camera Properties.

[*]Why am I getting error 8000274c, 10060 or 10061 from a camera?

These errors mean one of 2 things ... either you have specified the wrong IP address/port number, or Blue Iris does not have access to the Internet. What are you putting into the IP address/port boxes? It should be just 4 numbers with 3 dots or a server address. Does the hyperlink work from the Video tab to open the camera’s HTTP interface in a browser window? That's usually a good test of the IP address and port settings. Does the “check for updates” button work on the Options page? Make sure blueiris.exe is allowed through any firewalls and is exempted from all network/web scanning by antivirus software.

[*]Why am I getting error 12002 or 12029 from a camera?

This may also be an incorrect address, but it's much more likely to be a firewall issue. Be sure you have allowed the software access to use the network.

[*]Why do I see "trouble creating file" messages when attempting to record video, or error 5 when attempting to move from New to Stored?

These errors are caused by an "access denied" condition from the OS. After checking paths on Options/Clips, if you are running as a service, it's easiest to run the service under your own user account with the same name and password as used on the NAS or network storage device. This is done with the Windows Service Manager.

[*]Does Blue Iris need to be running in order to detect motion, send alerts, etc?

Yes. Blue Iris is PC software that runs on your PC. If your PC is not running, Blue Iris is not running.

[*]How do I backup and/or restore all settings or move them to a new PC?

You can use the Export button from the Options page. On the new PC, use the Import button on the same page Options page.

Alternatively, you can use Regedit to find the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Perspective Software, right-click that and save it to a file. A file exported in this way is imported onto the new PC by right-clicking it and selecting Merge.

[*]How can I access my cameras remotely?

An entirely new Wizard was created. Use the Globe icon to open the Remote Access Wizard. The help page network configuration and troubleshooting may also be helpful.

[*]Why must I re-enter my registration code?

The most common reason is that you have installed the software on more than 1 PC. Each PC requires its own license, however you are able to transfer the license from PC to PC by re-entering the code. If you do need more than 1 license, they are available at a discount, please inquire. However, there are other reasons for a de-activation, and these include changing your RAM size or CPU speed.

[*]Can you add support for network Camera X?

Standard authentication and streaming formats are HTTP/MJPEG and RTSP. If your camera supports one of these, chances are that we will be able to get it supported. I will need to be able to access the camera online via browser in order to determine the most appropriate settings. You can follow the same basic instructions at for configuring your router for remote access to your camera.

[*]Why is my camera displaying a sluggish framerate?

There may a number of reasons. Start with insuring antivirus exemption as described on network configuration and troubleshooting. Also make sure your CPU is not running at 100% usage, and if it is see the Troubleshooting page for ideas on how to lower that.