Trigger BlueIris Cameras from events and or email notifications from Honeywell Security with totalconnect2

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Trigger BlueIris Cameras from events and or email notifications from Honeywell Security with totalconnect2

Post by lotty » Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:17 pm

Security system is Honeywell Vista20P with 7847i module and totalconnect2 service. Provides granular notification via email or sms of many types of events by zone

Investigating using email alerts triggered by open sensor event (within the Honeywell devices and on my local area network LAN) and as received by email client service running on my LAN PC to set off http command / request / Post that will trigger a BlueIris camera

I understand the structure / format of the HTTP command that BI requires so that is not focus of the question

To stage this from my Honeywell devices I setup a dedicated email address for each camera and configured notifications within the totalconnect2 to fire off an alert to the appropriate email address each time a specific zone senor changes to open .. (regardless of whether system is armed or disarmed) ..

The next step I have underway is to find / pick / install new email client / tool / addin that can monitor for new emails and when sees a new email matching predefined criteria (similar to a rule in outlook) issue the HPPT command. One problem I see already is the email lap has a 10 second latency. Any suggestions for best tool / software addin?

An alternative and possibly better approach would be to configure triggers directly on the honeywell devices / service that would send the http commands without any delay based on the same underlying event status used to push the email alert and do so within my LAN .. ie avoiding public IP. I would think an experienced Honeywell security installer that programs and monitors the devices may have experience creating such custom triggers or know definitively it cannot be done. I have run this by both Honeywell support and my service provider but neither has been able to provide answers.

Any ideas or pointers would be appreciated

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Re: Trigger BlueIris Cameras from events and or email notifications from Honeywell Security with totalconnect2

Post by jayal1972 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 7:56 pm

This could be accomplished several ways (excuse the quick draft below).
A trigger from Home Alarm system (Honeywell) initiates the alarm (trigger) in BI (Camera gets triggered and creates picture / video).

1. Email notification from Honewell Home Alarm recieved on a local smtp server. SMTP Server triggers a notification to a COM port that activates an event (Digital I/O device / Sealevel SeaDAC or similiar) connected to BI). Downside is that the Email notification can be delayed (but if the email is sent internally on LAN there is no delay)
2. Honeywell Home Alarm system could trigger an I/O output (NC/NO) on the Honeweyy Alarm system borad that is connected to a Digital I/O device (below) that triggers BI.
3. Honeywell Home Alarm triggers a HTTP request that activates a Digital I/O / Arduino / Sealevel Systems

The Hikvision cameras have a HTTP API you can enable / disable functionality with (so a HTTP request could enable/disable / trigger a state on the camera)

You can find other devices than the below on ebay that you can trigger its I/O port with a HTTP request.
A couple of different examples (controlling a relay tru TCP/IP/USB/Serial/Com port):

A relay built on the ESP8266 chip: ... 3129726119

Another type of network relay: ... cureDesc=0


Many years ago I used SMS Tool to do SMS / Email / COM port notifications as well as web push to mobile devices:

The above is just examples of how you can control you need to find a suitable device for your project.

From the BI manual below:

Digital I/O
This page allows you to configure digital input/output (DIO) devices for use with Blue Iris as
trigger sources or alert mechanisms. You might, for example, want your home alarm
system's PIR or other sensors to trigger Blue Iris to record and sent alerts. You may also
want Blue Iris to trigger other external systems when it has sensed motion via its video or
audio sources.

The Arduino UNO is an open-source project board, available very inexpensively at
electronics hobby shops or online via eBay. The UNO must actually itself be programmed
to respond to data it receives via the serial port from Blue Iris. When an alert is triggered,
Blue Iris will send a single byte of data to the UNO, an ASCII number 0-7 representing the
output number specified on a camera's Alerts tab. Blue Iris also monitors for incoming
serial data, and interprets each incoming byte as the 8-bits representing digital input
numbers 0-7, which may be used to trigger the camera.

Sealevel Systems
The Sealevel SeaDAC Lite (P/N 8112 and similar), although more expensive than the UNO,
provides a more turn-key solution. You may simply connect your digital inputs and
outputs; there's no project-board programming involved.

// Joakim

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