Add PHO Camera which is VLC Playlist

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Add PHO Camera which is VLC Playlist

Post by fleasome » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:38 pm

I have a group of students that watch a live video feed of select cameras in a martial arts school that I run.

Students watch the cameras when they cannot attend class.

I am looking for a way to play videos, perhaps through VLC. I assume I could setup a playlist with tutorial videos that are pre-recorded, and somehow make that up like a fake camera. By doing this, the students could pull up the BlueIris feed and see 2-3 classroom cameras and then one of the views or fake camera would be a VLC or RTSP stream via VLC player that is playing the technique or days tutorial over and over again.

Is this something anyone else has done before? I have tried numerous searches but not found what I am looking for as I am probably not using the correct search terminology.


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