PTZ Motion Sensing Override stops working in BI

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PTZ Motion Sensing Override stops working in BI

Post by hoangtaybaokiem1993 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:48 am

Anyone else ever had the issue of motion being detected because the camera is panning? I have 4 presets that it moves through. I have Delay with motion sense checked on all 4 presets. I have checked and have max travel time/motion delay set to 7 seconds (though I've never seen it go over 5 between moves). But once the camera starts up it goes through one complete set of presets and then its like the motion delay turns off. All the motion boxes show up whenever it is moving between presets and I get alerts. Had to turn motion detection on for that camera off.

Anyone have any thoughts?

If anyone has a Panning Camera that works with Motion Detection could you share your settings?

I'm on the latest release ( and the Camera is:

HOSAFE PTZ POE IP Camera Outdoor 1080P Wireless Security Camera, Pan Tilt 5X Optical Zoom Middle Speed Dome, Support ONVIF NVR/Software (Blue iris/iSpy/Synology, etc.)


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