Intel Quicksync on Virtual Machine - It's possible

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Intel Quicksync on Virtual Machine - It's possible

Post by sev » Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:41 am

After nearly of week of messing around with ESXI. it's settings and my server in general, I got pass through to work. I am using a Xeon E3-1225v3 CPU, it is broadwell based.

I did the GPU pass through to the VM and installed the drivers but NO MATTER what I did, I was getting the drivers showing error 43. Finally I figured it out.

* Note make sure before you set these settings, that you have reliable RDP access, once you disable SVGA Video, you will no longer have console access in ESXi

I recommend using a server class OS. I tried this with Windows 10 and it kept crashing, but I built a Windows 2016 VM are it's been rock solid.

1. You need to use the VM in UEFI mode, and not BIOS mode. In BIOS mode, you cannot disable the VMware SVGA adapter, which means the intel one never comes on. With UEFI You can. So if your machine is in BIOS mode, either convert it (hard) or just set up a new VM with the operating system in UEFI mode. You will need to edit the VM settings or the VMX file and add the following line pciHole.start=2048 and modify the following line: SVGA.Present and set it to false.

2. Install the intel drivers and make sure they come up.

3. Enable Quicksync within Blue Iris. You can use gpu-z to monitor the GPU utilization. If you see little to no GPU utilization, which I did, you need to modify the camera settings.

For me I wasnt getting any hardware acceleration, and my cameras were set to RTSP streams. As soon as I switched each camera to the default onvif settings, which mention h.264 in the config. My GPU utilization started increasing with every camera I switched over.

Im running 7 4mp cameras on a vm with 4 cores and 6 gigs of ram. Which BI running as a service and nothing open, my CPU utilization seems to be around 3-10%. With BI open from the website, it'll jump to about 40-60% previewing all cameras, and if i click on a single camera, it goes down to about 25-30%.

Hope this helps someone in the future. It took a TON of trial and error but I'm glad I got it working.

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