Notifications not working on a new iphone XR

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Notifications not working on a new iphone XR

Post by Craigm » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:24 pm

Has anyone else had this problem with a new Iphone?
Does your Ipone XR Blueiris notifications work?

Please respond, as I need this feature.

I have already shut down both the app and program
I have deleted the app on my new iphone and reinstalled.
I have deleted all Iphones associated with the program and let it relogin when I access with the new phone.

One note I don't understand is the devise ID listed in the program in the mobile tab for my phone, does not appear anywhere on my phone (not serial #, EID,IMEI, ICCID,or MEID or IMEI.)\

I know the feature worked on my old iphone 6S.

Please Help

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